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My Vision

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What happens to us when we travel?

If we are lucky, we become transformed. We do this by leaving the comfort of our home and making ourselves available to unfamiliar cultures and amazing new landscapes. The adventure and the challenge of putting ourselves, however temporary, in another place or way of being, can transform any person who makes themselves available to such opportunities. It can often invigorate our own way of seeing just how wonderful, precious and often times sad, life can really be. As a photographer, I am interested in expanding my horizons on this level. There are few things more gratifying than stripping away the expectations of the day and replacing them with the unknown experiences of being immersed in another society’s existence.


I do believe that there are those who travel, but never completely arrive. Those that visit a place but never fully engage. Those that experience another culture but never take the time to understand. And those that look but never really see.


As a photographer, I feel that if I can help to open up people’s eyes and minds to the amazing and different things that surround us, then I have managed to do some good in this world. If I can pique the interest of the viewer as to what is happening in other cultures, and as a result, influence them is seeing the world as one diverse but amazing planet, then I have had a good day!

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